Farm Follies

Who’s an Anachronism?

After my last post, my husband asked me if I really thought that he was an anachronism.

I tried to suppress my laughter (TRIED, an audible guffaw came out), and said “I love you, hon, but, Um….yeah.”

I listed for him some of the reasons that I thought such, which (of course) he could not deny. Here is a version of our discussion:

1) He refuses to be on Facebook, or “FaceSpace” as he calls it. He doesn’t need “one more damn thing to waste time on.” Can’t really argue with him there — although when he wanted a page for the farm, he didn’t hesitate to ask me to build one.

2) We have not one but TWO rotary phones in our house.

Kitchen Phone — it almost matches our yellow wallpaper.
Den phone — man, I have to do something about that wallpaper.

“But I can HEAR better out of those phones,” he said in disgust when I added those to the list. I then reminded him that I was the one with the hearing problem. SIDE NOTE: what bothers me most about those phones is the fact that the handset is attached to the phone. This is especially annoying when someone calls while I am making dinner, and my husband (being helpful of course) looks over to our digital caller ID cordless phone to see who is calling, and then proceeds to answer the rotary. “Honey, it’s for you,” he says and then drops the phone on the counter far out of my reach.

3) Radio and Music Selection — I am the first to admit that I am not all “up on” new music. I honestly get most of my knowledge of new music from my addiction to Glee, but my husband is a bit more extreme. Wherever we go, the radio immediately is turned to one of two stations — AM1490 or AM1160 — one of which hosts the Frank Sinatra Hour. Both may have selections from some of the artists gracing his record collection, a representation of which follows:


4) He is technologically challenged. I can’t tell you how many times he has ventured off into the living room to turn on Dora the Explorer only to realize he completely forgot how to work the remote control. I’d sit in the kitchen and wait for the inevitable “HONEY, I CAN’T MAKE THE CLICKER WORK.”

5) His lack of desire to leave the farm. Although this final addition to my list just may be the farmer in him. He claims to itch when he has to go anywhere south of Augusta. If you know Maine, you know that south of Augusta is pretty much ALL of the United States.

I am hard on him though — so next week, stay tuned for the list of all of the amazing things that he does. I’ll try to do one a day!