Farm Follies

Snow Day!

Winter has brought a few changes to the farm, and to this blog. Mostly — the winter doldrums (and the start of a new school year) had insidiously worked together to stop my blogging. Well, NO MORE!

First, I would like to welcome you to the new site. Yes, I know, it looks much like my previous site, but please be sure to look again. I have merged the blog with our farm site, so now we are a “one-stop shop” for all things beefy. Be prepared for more updates on farm living, and hopefully soon, new offerings from LongMeadows Farm.

This winter has not been that exciting. The opposite of exciting, in fact. The most interesting thing we have done this winter is spend a Saturday night camping in the kitchen. We pitched a tent and cooked red-hot dogs and s’mores by the fire. You non-Mainers may not understand the appeal of the red-hot dog, but believe me, they are a SPECIAL treat. Kitt asks for them by name, thanks to my father.

2014-01-25 05.23.28
Kitt enjoying kitchen camping. I am glad she is getting some use out of the dance leotard, since she only made it through two dance lessons.

So today is a snow day. As I sit here writing, I am watching a steady stream of heavy snow pass by the window, covering the bare patches that this winter’s rain and ice storms have left. Even though all I really wanted to do today was sit on the couch and stream Disney flicks, I took Kitt out for a stroll and some sledding.

Mid-way through our "walk" I thought about how I could rig up a harness for the dog.
Mid-way through our “walk” I deeply considered the difficulties involved with rigging up a harness for the dog.

Part of the real reason for the walk was to check out what is finally finished — THE COVERED BRIDGE! My father-in-law and Xandy completed the thing last week, and before you do the math in your head — yes, it was January in Maine.

The Finished Bridge
The snow is obscuring the green metal roof. It does look pretty amazing in a snow storm, however.
Kitt checking out the window and the snow.
Kitt checking out the window and the snow.


Just as for a juxtaposition, here is the "before" this summer.
Just for a juxtaposition, here is the “before” this summer.


The "before" roof.
The “before” roof.


The new roof. Honestly, I miss the other view, but thankfully the new roof was a welcome respite from the snow storm.

We finished with some sledding by the river.

Well, you get the idea. Don’t worry. I told her to bail if she reached the river!

Wonderful snow day…and a wonderful start to this new incarnation of the blog. Spring is coming. I know this because we have ordered our seeds. More on that later!