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Day #7: We’re From the Government

Ah, the final post of my week-long moratorium on making fun of my husband — I have thought long and hard about what I should write about. Should I talk about his massive potato head collection which at this point must number near 50? Alas, no, if I did that I would no doubt fall into Xandy ridicule. Should I talk about all of the cool mugs that he has brought back for me from his yearly family camping trip up north? (This year’s was especially cool — the front of the mug reads “Population Not Many: Kokadjo, Maine.”) No, I think I’ll save that discussion for a time when I can talk about it without an air of jealousy.

I think that this last day of praise will be instead about something new that my husband was able to bring to the farm: his grant-writing ability. Having trained in nonprofits, my husband became keenly aware of the amount of help that is available to farmers. With a little research he has been able to find grants to among other things rewire the barn, create a watering system in our upper pasture, build a road to that pasture, construct the bridge that is now being covered, and create the following augmentation to the farm:

The Waste Management System — A.K.A. The Manure Pit. Not only were we able to have the manure storage system built, but the grant that my husband secured also helped us to put concrete all around the barn.

I would be remiss to mention that his initial foray into the grant-world of farmers has led him to his current position working for the federal government doing something that he loves — helping other farmers create more sustainable environmental practices on their own farms. If he has to work off the farm, this is the best job that I can imagine for him.

Thanks so much for joining me for the week. Come back in a few days where I’ll tell about my four days of running the farm. I am still exhausted!

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