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Day #5: Farm Improvements Part One

Pardon the lateness of this, my fifth day of posting on the wonder that is my husband — blame it on the heat, the sun, and the accident up the road that knocked out our power for the past few hours. My husband did yell in glee, however, when the rotary phone rang in the kitchen.

For the next couple of days I plan to highlight some of the improvements that my husband has helped to bring to this, his family farm. The first has to do with this sketch of the original homestead:



About twelve years ago, before Xandy moved back to the farm, he helped to put our little place on the Maine Historic Registry. Check out our listing here.

If you ask him, he’ll tell you that he went through the process to open up some grant possibilities for the farm. If you ask ME I’ll tell you that he went through the process due in part to his sense of tradition and respect of the past. Because of him, this place will live on for generations to come.

I guess it pays to be an anachronism.

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