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Day #1 of Not Making Fun of My Husband

There is an old  adage “There is always something to do on the farm” — having lived here for a few years I have to say that is absolutely the truth.

The thing that amazes me most about farmers, and my husband especially, is how much work they do (even with all of the “shootin’ the shit.”) My husband works full time away from the farm, and yet still manages to accomplish more in one evening than I can in one week.

His secret: The To-Do List. His contains short term, long-term, and mid-term goals that he dutifully crosses off and fills in each morning. Here is a copy of one of his most recent:


You’ll notice that there are a number of pages missing. Those are the pages that have been accomplished. Below this list, I found the page with ideas for gifts for me. Every time I mention something, he puts it on the list. REMINDER TO SELF: Help him fill that in.

On the top of his list is “Finish the Garage.” The backside of our garage is covered in shingles, while the rest of the house is covered in clapboards. This is a perfect pre-hay season job. So this week, while it rained 4 1/2″ he spent hours in the rain pulling off shingles.

Then he spent some time painting the backside of the boards to keep them protected from the elements. This paint time also served as good daddy-daughter bonding time.


Below are photos of the water-logged shingles, and the partially done garage. I am sure that it will be done soon.


Come back tomorrow for DAY #2 — You will never believe what is going up in our back yard!

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I love the list photo and seeing the father daughter project in the barn. That siding is going to look great!

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